Monday, April 28, 2008

Julian Beaver

The drawings of Julian Beaver are no ordinary sidewalk drawings; they are anamorphic, full color street chalk drawings. Beaver is an English artist who can take flat images and make them look three-dimensional, by the art of morphing. Anamorphic means optics having or producing unequal magnifications along two axes perpendicular to each other. By looking at the anamorphic images from the correct angle, the picture seems to defy the laws of perspective. Anamorphics are the reason Julian Beaver’s work has one successful vantage point, and from all other viewpoints the drawings read as stretched and askew.
Julian is usually commissioned by companies to advertise their products. For example he created a Mountain Dew advertisement that also promoted the new movie Transformers. Using the New York City sidewalks as his canvas, Beaver’s drawings receive a great deal of attention from passers by, which is why he has been contract by many large name companies.
Just as the other ephemeral artwork I’ve mentioned, Julian Beaver is fighting weather in order to complete his chalk drawings. Most times he has a tent set up over this composition in order to protect it from the elements before he is finished. As all ephemeral artwork, the chalk drawings do not last forever and in the end remind us all that few things in life last forever.

Click here to see the creation of the Transformers, Mountain Dew Advertisement.

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